Fire Lamps

We have loads of really lovely plug-in table lamps for the home — plenty of them to bring empty stoves and fireplaces to life.

This section covers the different silk flame or fire effect flamelights that are stand-alone or for incorporation into your own housings or mountings. This range are the intermediate sizes between the domestically-sized, multi-purpose Firelamp and the monster Firestorms.

The Firelamp is light, compact, inexpensive and flexible enough to be mounted in a myriad different housings. It is available as a plug-in model with a transformer.

The Firelamp uses a combination of a saffron-coloured flame and a multi-coloured bulb to provide a faithful representation of the spectrum of firelight colours. The filter on the bulb absorbs the shorter wavelengths of light (such as blue, indigo and violet) and transmits the longer wavelengths associated with fire (such as red, orange and yellow) and this not only gives the flame a multi-colouration but also allows flickering firelight colours to fall on adjacent walls and ceilings.

The Fire lamp flame, and consequently that of all of the wall and table flamelight models, is a far cry from the usual vaguely triangular piece of silk which has many shortcomings. Our twin flame has two pieces of flame-shaped silk joined together around an oval-shaped metal band and brings its shape into something akin to a very floppy bishop’s mitre which fits right around the bulb, rather than being suspended above it. This makes it 3-dimensional, much more incandescent (since the light has to shine through the fabric, not merely reflecting off its surface), and removes the sharp edges of the usual single flame. Best silk flame on the planet!

The Firelamp has now been fitted with an all but silent fan - barely a whisper to be heard.